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What Makes Us Different From Other Eye Surgeons

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Experienced Cataract

Dr Spencer has performed over 5000 cataract procedures, with two overseas fellowships and over 15 years of clinical and surgical experience. Dr Spencer practices comprehensive ophthalmology, treating a wide range of conditions and understanding their impact on cataract surgery, ensuring the best possible outcome.

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Customised Cataract

Do you have cataracts? Would you like to be independent or less dependent on glasses? We offer customised cataract surgery, customising your intra-ocular lens choice to meet your visual and lifestyle needs. Each eye is evaluated carefully to ensure the best lens choice. We can recommend an intra-ocular lens customised for you.

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Personalised Patient
Centered Care

At Heidelberg Eye Clinic we aim to provide you with caring, holistic and patient centered care. We believe strongly in patient education, your eye care is a collaboration between patient and doctor. We take the time to explain your diagnosis and treatment options. We aim to educate our patients so they can make informed decisions regarding their eye care.

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State Of The Art Diagnostic
and Laser Technology

Developments in technology continue to provide advances in both the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. The Heidelberg Eye Clinic
provides the latest technology available. We continue to strive to keep abreast of the latest technological advances and techniques of eye health care.

Accreditation & Awards, Memberships

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